Appearance[edit source]

Jedediah, or Jed, stands at 5’10”, with soft watery blue eyes, and weathered features. As a somewhat elderly man, he has grey hair and a well groomed grey Fu Manchu mustache. Often see wearing his favorite grey cowboy hat and his well worn leather boots, Jedediah is usually found well dressed, often sporting a nice suit jacket. Though he is an older man, and is a bit out of practice as of late, he is still in great physical condition for his age, holding onto a lean but muscular physique.

Personality[edit source]

Back in the day, Jed was a serious, hardass of a sheriff, and took no shit from anyone, giving him the nickname of “cap'n”, since he ran a very tight ship. However, as the years passed, he became much more relaxed, finding it more important in to just enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Jedediah loves to take in the beauty of nature and, though he isn't one to tell people, loves to write short poems about his experiences, which he keeps in a small, leather bound booklet. Though he is much more relaxed then he used to be, Jedediah can still be a bit of a hardliner, especially when it comes to his godson.

Backstory[edit source]

Jedediah was born on the wide open plains of the United States of Saherta, and as a young man made his living rounding up cows, and driving them long distances to market. He never was close with his parents, and by the time he was of age, he lost touch with them, never reuniting with his mother until her funeral year's later. It was a simple living, but it never got him anywhere besides making him an expert in the saddle. However, on these long drives, he and his buddies would often get set upon by bandits, and with legendary marksmanship, Jedediah took them all out, making a fair amount of extra money on the side fulfilling bounties, which he used to get a leg up and get out of hit rut.

Eventually, he decided to make it into his career, and became a Shariff of a small desert town, where he became a neglected young man's godfather. 31 years ago, he took it one step further, and took the Hunter Exam, passing and quickly becoming a Blacklist Hunter, taking down much bigger criminals than the simple bandits back home. A long time has passed, and Jed has since hung up his badge, instead finding solace rangeling legendary beasts around the world, and exploring nature. His age, along with having allowed himself to relax quite a bit as of recently has made his proficiency with Nen not quite what it used to be, but his knowledge on it is sharp as ever.

Recently, he has reconnected with his rowdy godson, who followed in his footsteps, becoming a Hunter on his own.

Abilities[edit source]

Physical Stats[edit source]

Stat Value
Stamina -
Strength -
Speed -
Dexterity -
Aura -
Control -
Total -

Fighting style[edit source]

Jed is a legendary marksman, and will usually turn to his trusty .44 in combat. Back in his hay day, he was known as one of the greatest marksman in the world, known for tossing coins into the air, and shooting them clean though before they hit the ground. Though in his old age his hands may not be as steady as they once were, his aim is still true

Also uses a bullwhip for closer ranged combat, relentlessly snapping at opponents openings from a safe distance. When imbued with Nen, these attacks become quite deadly and hard to avoid.

In addition, he's quite handy with a knife, both in combat, and for cleaning game he's hunted.

Nen[edit source]


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