Appearance[edit source]

Slightly short and lithe young woman. Her blond hair (naturally black in color) is styled in a bob cut with bangs. Her wheelchair, a rather common model, was personalized by her parents with cute floral patterns over pastel colored fabric. She is currently wearing a long sundress in shades of red and pink, a wide brimmed straw hat and a small leather purse she keeps on her lap.

Personality[edit source]

Most of her personality was shaped by her condition and the family life it brought onto her. A straight up hype girl whenever the situation allows for it and sometimes even when it doesn’t. Always tries to be kind and positive, using her skills to make others feel better about themselves or pumped up for whatever plan they have in mind. Jumps the gun more often than not and is always ready to throwdown, provided the challenge is something that interests her. Can be picky and focus too much on certain details that irk her. She swears it’s “just the way my eyes are”, but it’s not rare for strangers to make comments about how sad she looks and how things will get better.

Backstory[edit source]

Born in Solyang, Kakin, her mother a middle school teacher and her father a police officer. The three of them lived a perfect and simple life for a while. Going on exciting walks in the woods near their house, singing songs on the long drives to her grandparents’ and overall just enjoying each other’s company. On one of those long drives, however, they got into a car accident. Her mother and father got by with scrapes and bruises but Mei Xing, five years old at the time, suffered a lower spinal cord injury.

Keeping up their usual approach to life quickly became too difficult for them. Riddled with guilt and unease for what their daughter’s future would look like, Mei Xing’s parents became even more protective of her, spoiling her at every chance they had. She, on the other hand, fought back against the gloom too hard, as odd as it may seem. She adapted to her new life by kindling her inner fire, laughing, smiling and singing whenever she could in an attempt to weigh as little as possible on them.

Upon hearing of the freedom Hunters were given Mei Xing decided to try her luck with the exam. After countless arguments between her “I might as well try” and her parents’ worries, they eventually settled on something: her father would take part in the exam as well and help her through. Her dream was short lived, however, as just seeing what the first phase was about made her too worried for her dad to go ahead.

Abilities[edit source]

Physical Stats[edit source]

Stat Value
Stamina 3
Strength 3
Speed 3
Dexterity 5
Aura 7
Control 9
Total 30

Fighting style[edit source]

Has never really been in a fight. She mostly relies on keeping out of harm’s way and other people standing up for her when things get out of control.

Nen[edit source]

One-Woman Choir: Fear, Fire, Sleeping Desire

Story[edit source]


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